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91 Ave. Ped. Gate
  Mt. Baker, Wash..
10,781 Ft. Active  Volcano     400,000 yrs old
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91 Ave Veh. Gate
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This website was designed and is maintained by resident/owner Lilian Connolly.   It launched on October 31, 2005
This website is supported by the owners of  the Coventry Woods  Adult Town House complex situated in the Walnut Grove community of the Township of Langley,  a suburb of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Living in the Fraser river valley we have lovely views of the distinctive Golden Ears mountains across the river to the North and of glacial Mount Baker, Wa. to the South. 

A tree’d ravine and tributary creek dissects the complex and another deeper ravine with East Mundy creek runs along the west side which has many old  growth Red Cedars, Hemlocks, Firs and Cottonwoods.  We therefore have lots of birds visiting through the seasons, from the tiny Hummingbirds to large Spotted Owls and Blue Herons plus other wildlife  such as Squirrels, Opossums, Raccoons, and a Coyote pack nearby. There are about three Black Bears in the area which also  make appearances along the trails feeding on blackberries when in season - waiting for the Salmon run in late summer. At certain times we therefore have to be aware on our trails and especially watch out for our pets.    
The Website's purpose is to provide an information resource to the owners, such as: - news, social events,  council notices, phone numbers and e-mail addresses, and helpful information for new owners. And we have several  sections just because. :o)  The Owners Only pages are Password protected.  An owner who does not know the password may obtain it by emailing  the web mistress, Lilian Connolly.  Also direct any questions and comments to her. 

The News page is updated every 3-5 days - or sooner with breaking Council news.  At the bottom of that page, homes that are for sale will be listed along with Realtor info. 

Thank you for stopping by. We appreciate your interest in our website and would like it very much if  you will sign our guest book. So nice to know where visitors are coming from. 

by Neil Klassen
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      by Lilian
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