Coventry Woods
Archived 2006 Guestbook
          There  were about 30 entries from 2007 -2009 which  have                    regrettably been lost due to  removing  the Home page off the                server for updating on  Feb 1, 2010.  This archive begins  Aug              26, 2006 descending to our  Website launch on Oct. 31, 2005.    

           Total Entries: 118

           EthelSaturday, 8/26/06, 6:06 PM
           Your website is great. Your part of the world is spectacular and I
           have one regret that I was never able to visit That area. Since I
           will be 87 years old in a few weeks, that dream will never come
           true, so I will rely on beautiful pictures for my travels.
           From:Reading PA

           Gloria LoweSaturday, 8/26/06, 3:12 PM
           Someone mailed me the MY computer Help and saw your note and email
           address in there so went looking. Enjoyed your pictures and
           especially the pets. Thanks for letting me browse
           From:Hudson, Florida U.S.A.

           Rhonda and Eric BeggFriday, 8/25/06, 4:04 AM
           Dear Lilian, I'm also an avid reader of CloudeightInfoAve and have
           benefited from it greatly. I checked your Website out and thought it
           was lovely, especially the pet section. We have 2 dogs who are part
           of the family and share our lives in the house. Your home is
           beautiful as is the area you live in. We live 5 mins from the beach
           on a very busy road, but it is a nice carefree life. A lot of
           retired people (as we are) shift here. Once again,congrats. on your
           website. Regards, Rhonda.
           From:Waikiki. Western Australia.

           Cheri BrownWednesday, 8/23/06, 6:01 PM
           Nice web site. Found yourlink on Cloud Eight. I just love that site!
           From:Houston, TX

           Lesley BerryMonday, 8/21/06, 6:03 PM
           A very lovely site..... beautiful scenery. Thank you for letting me
           see your Web page. Keep well and be Happy Best Wishes....Lesley
           From:London. England

           MaggieSunday, 8/20/06, 9:08 AM
           Congratulations on a superb website. Wish I was as clever as you
           are. You live in a beautiful part of the world which has been on my
           wish list for many years.As a late comer to computers and the
           internet I have also found Cloudeight Premium invaluable on my steep
           learning curve - still a long way to go! I will drop in again
           sometime soon.
           From:Sobradinho, Loule, Portugal

           TutteSaturday, 8/19/06, 8:26 PM
           Lilian, You have done an amazing job on your website. It is so
           visually interesting, very comprehensive and detailed in the
           information needed by the other residents. I hope they will
           acknowledge appropriatly all the time and effort you have put into
           this voluntary effort. Rare indeed these days, to discover someone
           who does something for nothing.

           Anne ParrishThursday, 8/17/06, 3:44 PM
           Sounds as if you have discovered Paradise on earth. You've done a
           beautiful job with your Website. I look forward to exploring
           mycoventrywoods further.
           From:Waynesville, NC (west of Asheville)

           DeannaThursday, 8/17/06, 11:06 AM
           I too read your comment in the InvoAve newsletter. I find it
           interesting to see where some of the people who write to TC & EB are
           from. And I love that you are from a City I am familiar with. I have
           relatives in Langley and lived there several years ago myself. After
           graduating in White Rock, I hightailed over to my favourite place on
           earth, Vancouver Island. You have a beautiful website and a great
           community. Love the pet photos and your dedication to them.
           From:Qualicum Beach, BC; Vancouver Island

           ValerieTuesday, 8/15/06, 5:22 PM
           Hi. I found you thru CloudEight and I am so glad I did. What a
           terrific site you have here, so easy to navigate and very pleasing
           to the eye, I shall be back often. Regards. Valerie.

           Gwen PowersMonday, 8/14/06, 10:41 PM
           My aunt, Beatrice Chapman sent me yur website. I think she lives
           here. It's nice to see she lives in such a lovely community.
           Sincerely, Gwen Powers
           From:Ojai, Ca.

           AlMonday, 8/14/06, 2:54 PM
           I finally made it!! (^_^)

           JanieMonday, 8/14/06, 12:50 PM
           I too, read about your website on Cloudeight. Beautiful pictures and
           writeups on Coverntry Woods. I have bben to Vancouver and toured a
           little of it a couple of years ago while waiting to board the
           Alaskan Tour Cruise Ship. Beautiful city! Have been to different
           parts of Canada and Canada is one beautiful country. May God
           continue to bless you with his love Janie
           From:Alabama USA

           CallyMonday, 8/14/06, 5:14 AM
           Hi from the antipodes. Great venture.
           From:Perth Western Australia

           DebbyMonday, 8/14/06, 3:45 AM
           I'm visiting because you wrote to Cloud Eight and I read your
           comment they published. I too, appreciate them very much!

           Beatrice ChapmanSunday, 8/13/06, 10:09 PM
           What a lovely web page!! I don't exactly know where you are , but I
           believe you are very close to where I live. I found your website on
           Cloudeight, I shall drop in often. Bea Chapman
           From:Southwind Estates in Walnut Grove

           Nancy JohnsonSunday, 8/13/06, 7:21 PM
           Very neat looking site. Music is lovely. Will look at it in depth at
           a later date.

           Sue YoungSunday, 8/13/06, 7:12 PM
           Greetings from Ga. I read your letter to cloudeight, and so I had to
           visit your site, they said such nice things about it. I have to say
           it is very nice. I loved the pictures you have taken. I have just
           gotten into taking photos, and enjoy it very much. I travel between
           Ga. and the west coast, but I have never seen the mountain you have
           pictured. It is very pretty, so when I go back to Wa. I will have to
           see it. God bless you and yours and may you all have peace always.
           From:Carnesville, Ga.

           David E. NorcottSunday, 8/13/06, 4:57 PM
           Hi, Lovely 'site', and beautiful music! Found your site through your
           'letter of comment' to 'Cloudeight'info. ave. iss. 147, and just had
           to have a look! All the Best, Dave.
           From:Brockville, ON, Canada

           Judy LaceySunday, 8/13/06, 2:59 PM
           I read your letter in InfoAve Premium, and just dedcided to check
           out your website. I enjoyed the photos of the animals, which was all
           I had time to look at but I'll be back to check out hte rest of your
           website. Good luck and God bless!
           From:Camden Ohio

           Joe GordonSunday, 8/13/06, 3:53 AM
           G'day Lillian, congratulations on a great web site. I was interested
           in your location as I have a friend on Vancouver Island whom I
           correspond with on a regular basis. Keep well Regards Joe

           Kerie HowlettSaturday, 8/12/06, 9:30 PM
           Good Day to you Lillian, I'm writing from 'Downunder'in Australia. I
           love your Website and what a wonderful commuity you must be living
           in. I am also part of the 'Cloudeight' Internet Family and have
           learnt so much from them. Being 'self-taught' with computers has
           been an easier experience with their help. I also love the way that
           we can be brought together like this, yet so far apart! We would
           love to visit Canada, someday and your area looks just magnificent.
           It would have to be in the summer though! All the best to you and
           your community. Keep up the great work that you are doing to keep
           your members informed of everything that goes on around them. More
           communities need to be like yours. Cheers, Kerie Howlett. Baffle
           Creek, QLD Australia.
           From:Baffle Creek, QLD AUSTRALIA

           Peter McNichollSaturday, 8/12/06, 6:55 PM
           Another member of Info Ave reporting in. Beautifull background music
           realy sets the scene. Great work all round.
           From:Te Aroha New Zealand

           Emily EllisSaturday, 8/12/06, 6:09 PM
           This is my first visit to your site as it was posted on CloudEight
           Newsletter. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful background music. I'll go
           look around some more. Blessings to you!
           From:Stanberry, MO

           FranSaturday, 8/12/06, 6:00 PM
           Hi there, from the opposite end of Canada. I just have to tell you
           what a great site you have created. B.C. is such a beautiful
           province. I have never been there but I would like to go some day.
           My brother has lived there for over 20 years, first in Nanaimo & now
           in Coombs. He says he couldn't live anywhere else now. Says he would
           freeze if he had to live in N.S. now. Your pictures are so nice, I
           could live in a place like that. I found your link on my Premium
           Info Ave Newsletter. Keep up the great work Lilian, I plan on
           sending your site to all my friends. I am a loyal fan of Cloudeight
           & have been for many years. I have their start page,& many of their
           freeware picks of the week programs. I have bought programs they
           have recommended. I have their Smiley Cons & Premium E book. I just
           downloaded Zappit, another fantastic program. Getting a computer at
           an older age & learning as I go was not easy. But having TC & EB
           there every Friday for support & to keep me out of trouble sure
           helped. I have Bookmarked your site & I will return. Thanks, Well
           From:Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

           Ed & Diane CooperSaturday, 8/12/06, 4:55 PM
           We worked and served on Seabird Island reserve for 13 1/2 years. We
           love the Fraser Valley. We are now living in Saskatoon, SK. Ed's
           parents are in a care home at Gibsons, BC. We are hospital chaplains
           for the First Nations people and working under North America Indian
           Ministries. It is 59F here and cool breeze blowing. Have a special
           day. Posted on e-mail; Saturday, August 12, 2006 2:41 PM
           From:Saskatoon, Sask.

           Pam TimmonsSaturday, 8/12/06, 4:25 PM
           Very nice website!
           From:Swayzee, Indiana

           June GambleSaturday, 8/12/06, 4:07 PM
           Thanks for leaving your 'site' on Cloudeight. Aren't they the
           greatest? This senior owes everything to them for what I've learned
           as well. Your pictures are beautiful and all the pets are so
           adorable. Take care...God bless... June
           From:Manitoba, Canada

           SeamusSaturday, 8/12/06, 4:00 PM
           What a handsome and colourful site. I'm glad I found it, and that
           was because I too am am on the mailing list of Cloudeight
           Information avenue. I'll be back to your site again because it is so
           refreshing. Seamus.

           FredSaturday, 8/12/06, 11:41 AM
           You have a very nice web site. Love the music! Looks like a place
           that my wife and I would like to retire to!
           From:Salem, NH

           Bill & ChrisSaturday, 8/12/06, 9:54 AM
           We love your web site. We really sometimes wish we lived in British
           Columbia. We really like the looks of your community. It looks like
           the people who live their are really happy to be their. It is nice
           to know that you have a small community and it looks like it is
           growing by leaps and bounds. We are members of the Cloudeight
           subcribers also we have been members since the 90's. We love their
           web site it is very informative. Your friend Chris

           Brian ClearySaturday, 8/12/06, 9:12 AM
           Hello , I just saw your website after reading my "Cloudeight" and
           followed the link.Well done ,good site.

           Jacky DoddSaturday, 8/12/06, 8:53 AM
           I, too, found your link in the Cloud 8 Newsletter - I totally agree
           that they are wonderful - I am 77 yrs young (young, mostly because
           of learning my computer). Your web site is indeed beautiful and how
           fortunate the other folks living where you do have such a great web
           site to go to. Just had to let you know I am a transplant to
           "Mayberry" in N. C.having moved from the snowy N/W part of Ohio -
           Toledo- When we did live back there we ventured to Canada often but
           unfortunately not far enough west it would appear. Good luck on the
           future of your website. Jacky
           From:Mount Airy, N. C.

           DarleneSaturday, 8/12/06, 6:41 AM
           Hi, I decided to stop by and visit after finding this site in the
           lastes issue of Info Ave Premium. You have a very nice web page.
           From:Milw. Wi

           Jean GieseckeSaturday, 8/12/06, 5:08 AM
            Just dropped in to say hi.            

           Terry HicksSaturday, 8/12/06, 4:27 AM
            Beautiful web page also your area looks beautiful
           From:Maryland, U.S.A.

           Corum C MillsSaturday, 8/12/06, 4:24 AM
           What a great site. Got it off of Cloudeight. We came thru that part
           of this great earth when finishing up a Alaskan cruise. I was taken
           back by the beauty of the area and my wife and I have it on our list
           to return to one day... Your photos and comments only fortify our
           desire to return. Thanks!!!
           From:Columbus, GA

           Bryan DeanSaturday, 8/12/06, 2:39 AM
           Another avid follower of Info Ave I see. I agree with your comments.
           That team certainly do a lot for us Computer believers. Enjoyed your
           comments and your website. Well worth the journey
           From:New Zealand

           JuelSaturday, 8/12/06, 1:55 AM
           Looks like you live in a super place. Love your website.
           From:New Zealand

           Bill ( WilliamFriday, 8/11/06, 10:04 PM
           Kia Ora,Maori for Good Day )Greetings from Invercargill New
           Zealand,suppossedly the most Southern City in the world.
           Congratulations on your beautiful website. Got it of my AND YOUR
           friends at Thundercloud. I'm a young 77 year old who spends a lot of
           time teaching computer skills to the over 55's at SeniorNet. (
           voluntary organisation set up in the USA some years ago. Greetings
           to you all and keep up the good work. I'll visit you again sometime.
           Cheers Bill
           From:Invercargill New Zealand

           MargaretFriday, 8/11/06, 9:21 PM
           A beautiful place. Think I'll migrate to your community for summers
           ! Then Come home for winters--not a snowy person ! Enjoy !! cheers

           Dianne H.Friday, 8/11/06, 8:51 PM
           P.S. Sorry for all of my spelling errors etc. below. I was so
           anxious to post I forgot to proof read!!!

           Dianne HartwickFriday, 8/11/06, 8:41 PM
           Hi Lilian: I was just reading my new Cloudeight Premium Newsletter
           and saw your comment posted. Much to my delight, when I travelled to
           your delightful site - congratulations! Just think how famous you
           and your neighbourhood will become, worldwide! I discover you are in
           Langley - practically next door neighbours!!!! Your community looks
           lovely - I was so pleased to see that you are 'pet friendly - truly
           the mark of a compassionate group of people full of good energy. I
           look forward to exploring your site further but wanted to drop by
           and say hello. It was like finding a pot of gold when as a newbie
           internet user two years ago, I came across Eightball & Thundercloud
           when searching for stationary: truly terrific human beings that give
           so much to all of avid devotees. Since thenm, I have totally relied
           on their ethical standards and vast knowlede to assist me with all
           things computer. Have a great weekend - it's going to to be hot!
           From:West Vancouver, B.C.

           IanFriday, 8/11/06, 8:34 PM
           Glad you wrote to Info Ave & we were able to find & visit your
           wonderful site. I've been to Niagara Falls & hope to visit the west
           side sometime in the future.
           From:Gold Coast Australia

           bj michonFriday, 8/11/06, 8:26 PM
           Just visited your site ---- liked it a lot and especially the music
           ---- just perfect for strolling through a blog ---- pictures were
           beautiful. ---- bj
           From:Homer, Akaska

           TonyFriday, 8/11/06, 7:53 PM
           I too, like many others, popped in for a visit when I saw your web
           page mentioned in the Info ave newsletter. You certainly live in a
           beautiful place. Congratulations on creating a great web site, it is
           a joy to brouse through it. Greetings to all from western australia.
           From:Mandurah, Western australia

           Werner GreveFriday, 8/11/06, 7:41 PM
           Hello Lilian, I enjoyed my visit on your HP,we live in California (
  ) and i1m a member for years, my HP is
  you live in avery nice community, Hanni
           & Werner from Oceanhills-California

           Orva HudsonFriday, 8/11/06, 7:39 PM

           DianeFriday, 8/11/06, 7:25 PM
           Was just in your area, Richmond this last week, beautiful. Thanks
           for letting me stop by.
           From:Port Orchard, WA

           peggyFriday, 8/11/06, 7:07 PM
           you have a very nice web site!
           GloriaFriday, 8/11/06, 6:23 PM
           Saw your site from link in Infoavenue Newsletter this week. Great
           site. Love what you have done. Regards Gloria
           From:Beeac, Australia

           RussFriday, 8/11/06, 6:15 PM
           Got your site from "Cloudeight", great photos. Looks as though you
           are a very interesting group. Had to get a map to find your area.
           Love Vancouver,spent a week there a few years back before venturing
           into the Rockies for another week & then towards the East for
           another month or so. Spent quite some time @ Welland (have a sister
           there). Just love a lot of Canada but your winters I don't like.
           Couldn't live too long @ Yelloknife.
           From:Tauranga, New Zealand

           pbFriday, 8/11/06, 5:56 PM
           I read your comments in Cloudeight's premium newsletter today and
           had to come and check out your site. It is very nice, I enjoyed my
           visit, have added your site to my Favorites and sent your comment in
           the newsletter to some of my friends as well. I'm very grateful for
           all the help I have received over the past 3 yrs from Cloudeight and
           like you I came upon them from an email I received. Sold me and I've
           been with them since! Sitting with my coffee on Friday mornings is
           how I start my day...and woe to the one who thinks to disrupt that!
           It is well known that I am not to be disturbed on Friday mornings!
           LOL Oh, and another thing I really liked about your site was the
           music! Wonderful...might you be able to let us know how to come by
           it for our own pleasure? I for one would be most interested. Good
           luck with your site and I do plan to check back often.. pb
           From:New Hampshire

           MarieFriday, 8/11/06, 5:50 PM
           I saw your comment in the latest issue of Cloudeight InfoAve
           newsletter. I, too, am a member of the "silver" group who finds the
           computer a very good friend. You page looks very nice.
           From:Tokyo, Japan

           JoyFriday, 8/11/06, 5:28 PM
           Very nice site. I love the music. I am also a long, long, long time
           Cloudeight (Information Avenue etc) subscriber. Their advice has
           saved me a lot of money over the years--and a lot of headaches. As
           for a computer page for the "oldsters", go for it! :) Joy

           SandyFriday, 8/11/06, 4:55 PM
           I read of your page in Information Avenue and what a lovely surprise
           to see your page and that you are in B.C. Your page is just lovely
           from what I have seen so far and will be adding you to my
           favourites. Hugs Sandy
           From:Perth, Ontario

           MerleFriday, 8/11/06, 4:37 PM
           Read your letter in Info Ave and thought I would drop by for a
           visit. Good luck with your project. Merle
           From:New Zealand

           Larry LeonardFriday, 8/11/06, 3:50 PM
           What a beautiful website you have.....great work!!
           From:Mountain View, Missouri

           Barb BrancaFriday, 8/11/06, 3:20 PM
           Loved your site which I read about on Cloud Eight's Info Avenue
           newsletter. Was surprised to see you were located in beautiful B.C.
           You have a lovely, inviting site and it was a pleasure to visit it.
           Isn't Cloud Eight great too! Will visit again.
           From:Lillooet, B.C.

           mildred elizabeth bakerFriday, 8/11/06, 3:12 PM
           From:livonia mi.

           Barbara BrenchleyFriday, 8/11/06, 2:35 PM
           What a lovely website! I had great fun looking at and reading about
           all the pets. I noticed your website address by being on the African
           Violet List and looked you up. A big hello from Down Under!
           From:South Australia

           maryFriday, 8/11/06, 2:31 PM
           What a beautiful place to live. I read your letter in the Cloudeight
           InfoAve letter this week. I love them too.
           Email: mduncan318atearthlinkdotnet

           SharonFriday, 8/11/06, 2:22 PM
           I read your note to TC and EB in InfoAvePremium. Just had to come
           and have a look at your web page. It's beautiful and looks like a
           beautiful place to live.

           Ruth De ClueFriday, 8/11/06, 11:55 AM
           When I saw your gorgeous mountains,I just swooned! Especially having
           lived in "flat Florida" 34 years.I`ved put U in "favorites" Maybe
           looking at your scenery will get me back to painting again (I was an
           art teacher many years ago) I also love Cloud 8. Had a PC 4 years
           now, but am still a "dummie" compared to my Kids,Grandkids & even
           the great- grands.We live in a senior community (15yrs) & love it.
           On the intercoastal, but no mountains.I should spend more time with
           Info Ave Premium. Maybe I`d learn at least as much as our
           great-grandkids. See U on the home page, Ruth
           From:Edgewater FL. USA

           MartyFriday, 8/11/06, 11:42 AM
           I saw your comment on CloudEight. Until I read about them here, I
           have always thought them to be two elderly & wonderful MEN..not a
           husband/wife team. Either way they have wonderful advice for us
           other computer users. I started out with the Free Stationery in
           2004, went to InfoAve Newsletter, Then to InfoAvePremium and they
           are my Start Page. I also have a LOT of the utility programs that
           they recommended and they are never wrong. I love your site here. It
           will take me a LONG time to see it all but I WILL as I plan to keep
           coming back for more good information and soothing music. Grandma
           Marty, Vermont
           From:Vermont, USA

           Becca ColebankFriday, 8/11/06, 11:33 AM
           I too saw your link on the Info Ave newsletter and thought I'd check
           out the site. It's so tranquil and lovely. Makes me want to live
           From:Shevlin, Minnesota

           hollyFriday, 8/11/06, 11:32 AM
           I love Info. Avenue Premium as well and have been a subscriber for
           years. Very picturesque site you have!
           From:Airville,Pa. USA

           JudieFriday, 8/11/06, 10:42 AM
           Saw your 'comment' listing your site on the Cloudeight InfoAve
           Premium newsletter and just had to check out the link !! So glad I
           did. You must be living in some of the most beautifully picturesque
           areas that I have seen in a long time. Maybe someday I will get to
           travel there ! Judie "Sunshine"

            Friday, 8/11/06, 10:40 AM
           I just stopped to visit and think your website is so nice. I found
           it while visiting cloudeight.

           JoanFriday, 8/11/06, 10:38 AM

           fred hamblinFriday, 8/11/06, 10:34 AM
           From:middlesboro, ky

           DianeFriday, 8/11/06, 9:50 AM
           I'm also a Premium Info Ave subscriber. Your website is impressive,
           warm and comfortable and your lovely community is blessed to have
           you in its midst. Best wishes to you.
           From:Lawrenceville, Georgia

           Kai RasmussenFriday, 8/11/06, 9:20 AM
           Thanks Lilian for inviting me visit your web page it's a Fantastic
           website you got, also thanks for the nice comment you gave to
           Thundercloud and Eightball, I also have been a supportive fan of
           cloudeight for many years Kai
           From:108 Mile Ranch,BC. Canada

           Ray B. RasmussenFriday, 8/11/06, 9:16 AM
           Lovely site.I found you on Cloud Eight.
           From:Comox B.C.

           CarolynFriday, 8/11/06, 9:05 AM
           Lilian - Fantastic website. This old dog has learned many new tricks
           from Cloudeight's Info Ave Premium newsletters. I sing their praises
           to everyone who will listen. How nice that your comment in this
           week's edition has lead their readers to your wonderful site. Love
           the pet pages - critters play such important roles in our lives -
           they (and Cloud8)certainly do help calm our computer-jangled nerves!
           From:Fredericksburg VA USA

           MarcelFriday, 8/11/06, 8:33 AM
           Nice place you have there! Marcel
           From:Burlington Ont

           DianaFriday, 8/11/06, 8:29 AM
           Read about you on Cloud8 InfoAve newsletter, and just wanted to tell
           you how much I like your website. Very nicely done.

           PerryFriday, 8/11/06, 8:28 AM
           Hi Lilian, Another 'senior' visitor from Info Ave. Glad you
           commented as you did. This is a great site and your housing complex,
           indeed, the whole area looks wonderful. I love the idea of adult
           housing, not something we have. Good luck to you all and may your
           site keep growing and thriving, you deserve it:)
           From:North Antrim Northern Ireland

           ChantalFriday, 8/11/06, 8:01 AM
           Hi Lilian, I saw your comment on InfoAvenue newsletter and thought I
           might check out your site. What a pleasant surprise to find out that
           you're a neighbour!! I'm in your neighbourhood often, as we shop,
           dine and see movies at Colossus all the time, and we've driven by
           your townhouse complex many times. Your website is great! Very nice
           job you've done with the photos and the music isn't distracting from
           your site, like many others are. We live in a spectacular place, and
           should showcase it to the world at every opportunity, as you've just
           done by getting your link published in InfoAvenue. I also live in an
           adult townhouse complex with my fiance, however our complex has only
           34 units, which is one reason why I love living there. I look
           forward to checking back on your site in the future.
           From:Surrey, BC

           LynneseFriday, 8/11/06, 7:55 AM
           What a great website! And what a beautiful place to live! I will
           bookmark your site to use when I need to 'center' and 'recover' from
           the craziness of my life some days! Thanks for sharing it on
           InfoAve.. my lifeline for my computer for many years! :-)

           Paula ForbesFriday, 8/11/06, 7:45 AM
           Hello I was just on the Infoave website as I signed on to a lifetime
           subscription I had been a free user and liked the information so
           much I figured I should contribute. I live up here in Granisle, B.C.
           which is on the shore of Beautiful Babine Lake, our lake is 110miles
           or 177km long which is B.C.'s longest natural lake. I invite you to
           come up to our beautiful place and see what we have to offer
           From:Granisle, B.C.

           BettyFriday, 8/11/06, 7:42 AM
           I read about this in the Cloudeight newsletter... you have a very
           nice site and I like the music too. I have bookmarked this to check

           Cheryl LambertFriday, 8/11/06, 7:38 AM
           Read your comments on Cloudeight's InfoAve Premium and clicked on
           the link to your webpage. Very nicely done. Looks like a wonderfully
           beautiful place to live. My niece just returned from Vancouver
           recently. She was there with some of her friends to see the
           fireworks. She plans on returning next year. She's an amatuer
           photographer and said it's a photographer's paradise. Said they went
           to the botanical gardens and couldn't cover it all in one day. :)
           From:Conway, Arkansas

           JanieFriday, 8/11/06, 7:23 AM
           love your site. i'm a scenery freak. at 84 i just love to look. i've
           been on Cloud Eight for years. the best to you and your marvelous
           site. janie

           Robb BurchFriday, 8/11/06, 6:59 AM
           I wish my life was as peaceful as your pictures and music!!
           From:Cheverly Maryland USA

           DebbieFriday, 8/11/06, 6:50 AM
           Lillian, I read your note in infoavenue and just had to visit your
           site. What a great job you have done with it, keep up the good
           work!! Debbie Minnesota

           ShirleyFriday, 8/11/06, 6:50 AM
           Thanks for the link via Cloudeight. Nice web site, easy to navigate
           and I loved the pictures of your pets. I too am a Golden Surfer and
           have put up my own web site, proving that you can teach old dogs new
           tricks. Good luck and keep the site going.
           From:Yorkshire UK via Edinburgh

           CarmenFriday, 8/11/06, 6:32 AM
           I was just reading my CloudEight Premium Newsletter and read your
           comment and the reply from TC & EB. I was interested then to have a
           look at your website. It is just beautiful and it looks as if it is
           also very informative. I am looking forward to going through it more
           fully tomorrow. Keep up the good work. Carmen
           From:Perth, Western Australia

           Frank ThieleMonday, 8/7/06, 10:55 AM
           Lillian Thank You So Much For All Your time and extra work you
           donate for us, the place looks Beautiful. Frank.

           TCSunday, 8/6/06, 6:19 AM
           Hi Lilian, We wanted to thank you for your nice comments about our
           InfoAve section and the newsletters. You may link to any page on our
           site that you want to link to - and we encourage you to do so. And,
           sure you may use some of our tips and tricks on your site as well.
           All we ask is a link back to our site..and you're free to use
           whatever tips/tricks you like. Thank you for your continued support
           and for subscribing to InfoAve Premium. You have a very nice web
           site, Lilian. Good Job! TC Cloudeight Internet
           From:OHIO, USA
           Email: 1st/

           Stephen HumeSaturday, 5/20/06, 8:00 PM
           Thanks, Lilian, for the advice on passwords.
           From:The Island

           Marj DuffSaturday, 5/6/06, 1:58 PM
           Hi Lillian I just discovered this site, Carol told me about it. I
           think it is wonderful......Posted on e-mail May 06, 2006 12:31 PM
           From:C.W. unit 49

           Bill ToughTuesday, 4/11/06, 11:01 PM
           Hi Lilian: I just have to congratulate you on the work you have done
           on this site, it is magnificent. Could you please issue me a
           password so I may look at the owners section. Posted on email April
           11, 12:25pm 2006
           From:C..W. # 9

           Carol MillarSaturday, 4/1/06, 8:46 PM
           The site just gets better and better. Tom and I just want to thank
           you for your huge committment of time and caring for "our home". I
           appreciate that many people do not have computers but for the many
           people who have contacted me, and who may never respond, the
           compliments abound! This is a wonderul place to live,with wonderful
           neighbors and again THANKYOU!

           Stan KirkpatrickMonday, 3/20/06, 12:19 AM
           I really liked your site. Some good pictures and solid layout, those
           folks are lucky to have such a talented person working for them.
           Posted from e- mail Sunday, March 19, 2006 11:18 AM
           From:North Vancouver

           LisaFriday, 3/10/06, 4:34 PM
           Re Advising C.W. owners of Devans's opening weekend (March
           10)Specials - From e-mail March 9, 2006 7:58AM HI Lilian, That is so
           kind of you! Your website is lovely and we appreciate the free
           press! Hope to see you opening weekend! Lisa Devan Greenhouses
           From:Devan Greenhouses

           KathyWednesday, 2/15/06, 7:44 PM
           Lilian - I've visited the site a couple of times but finally had the
           opportunity to view the whole. What a great job! Are you thinking of
           contracting out your services now???

           Marilyn & Waldemar KisserTuesday, 2/7/06, 9:52 PM
           Thanks for all your efforts Lilian - we are most impressed and look
           forward to opening the various links once we get our password. Feb.
           7, 2005

           Lucy EgersTuesday, 1/24/06, 6:56 PM
           Hi Lillian Thanks for the password. You have done a wonderful job on
           all of this. I may have to come up for some instructions. By the
           way, we were the second people in here. Came in July 1995 and you
           now have our e- mail. Thanks again Lucy
           From:C.W. # 69

           Ena RosenthalTuesday, 1/24/06, 6:52 PM
           Lillian I finally got around to looking at the Coventry Woods
           website. WOW! Am I ever impressed! It is just wonderful!
           Ena........posted on e-mail January 20, 2006 7:16 PM
           From:C.W. #6
           Bob & Joanne VanderaegenTuesday, 1/24/06, 6:42 PM
           Thanks Lilian just followed your instructions, thanks for creating
           the site, great way to keep updated. Bob & Joanne Vanderaegen
           #35.........posted on e- mail January 8, 2006 10:20 PM
           From:C.W. 35

           Lorraine HyrnTuesday, 1/24/06, 4:32 PM
           Lilian.....the website looks great!! Lorraine
           From:C.W. # 74

           Les HartwickTuesday, 1/24/06, 4:29 PM
           Hi Lillian! Love the web site. Good job. Maybe you could post the
           dates for the putting up and taking down of Xmas Lights. It's that
           time of year again. I didn't see anything in the rules/bylaws re
           this. Les Hartwick..... ..posted on e-mail November 17, 2005 12:03PM
           From:C.W. # 23

           Elvin & Sylvia KlassenTuesday, 1/24/06, 4:26 PM
           Thanks for your work in designing a web page for our community. I
           like the links to the various pages and the pictures add to the
           site.' Great job. I would like to suggest a page with owners' phone
           numbers as well as email addresses with access by a simple code.
           Thanks...this adds to a community feeling. Elvin and Sylvia
           .....posted on e-mail November 9, 2005 6:41 PM
           From:C.W. # 101

           Doreen GriffithsTuesday, 1/24/06, 4:24 PM
           Hi Lilian. Very nice presentation! D & B - #8 .........Posted on
           e-mail, November 1, 2005 2:35 PM
           From:C.W. # 8

           Anne MillerTuesday, 1/24/06, 4:22 PM
           It all looks so charming,friendly and so very appealing......Lilian,
           It looks like I see little Bobby is scampering around the estate
           too. Where does the wonderful large arbour lead to? IT IS ALSO
           OUTSTANDING! ! ! Good Stuff. Next visit to Vancouver, Coventry Woods
           will definitely be part of our itinerary. Thanks so much for the
           BEAUTIFUL time I had viewing you website. Anne ....Posted on e-mail
           November 1, 2005 6:02 AM

           Helen KindTuesday, 1/24/06, 4:15 PM
           very pretty Lillian ........... posted on e-mail, October 31, 2005
           8:17 PM
           From:C.W. 52

           John CaldwellTuesday, 1/24/06, 4:13 PM
           Good job Lilian! You`ve found your new calling. ......Posted on
           e-mail, October 31, 2005 7:05 PM
           From:Burnaby, BC

           Anne MillerTuesday, 1/24/06, 4:11 PM
           Hi Lilian, BEAUTIFUL.. You are so smart. Great job! ! ~!
           ......Posted on e-mail, October 31, 2005 6:55 PM
           From:Etobicoke, Ont.

           Michael WagnerTuesday, 1/24/06, 4:08 PM
           wow im impressed! great work grandma!...... Posted on e-mail October
           31, 2005 4:13 PM
           From:North Vancouver

           Ken KromannTuesday, 1/24/06, 4:06 PM
           Hi Lilian, I'm impressed. You did a really nice job. Ken Posted on
           e-mail- Mon, 31 Oct 2005 12:46
           From:Mukilteo, Wash.

           Pieter Van der LeekTuesday, 1/24/06, 3:58 PM
           Looks great Lilian! Thanks for all the work you put into it.
           Pieter......Posted on e-mail Oct. 31, 2005 3:54pm
           From:C.W. # 96

           Tutte PeeverTuesday, 1/24/06, 3:54 PM
           Looks just great Lilian. I think you did a very professional job and
           all the pics add so much to the site. Makes it very friendly and
           inviting versus just a bunch of words. I hope you get lots of
           positive feedback from you neighbours. You did them a great service.
           Tutte......Posted on e-mail Oct.31,2005 3:04pm
           From:So. Surrey

           Katie WarkentinTuesday, 1/24/06, 3:50 PM
           Oh Lilian, this is just great! It looks very professional What a lot
           of work!! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I'm sure everyone in your
           complex will be ever so pleased. What a great help to everyone,
           especially newcomers. I put the site into my favourites so I can
           continue to enjoy it. The pictures are beautiful and inviting...why
           if I just stumbled on the site I couldn't help but visit a little.
 , katie .......Posted on e- mail Oct 31, 2005 2:49pm
           From:Pitt Meadows

           Lois GreenTuesday, 1/24/06, 3:41 PM
           Hi Lillian...Thanks for all your is a very interesting
           and informative site. Keep up the good work!!! Lois Green #65 Posted
           on e-mail Oct 31, 2005 12:46Pm
           From:C.W. #65

           Joe ScherbaMonday, 1/23/06, 3:04 PM
           I'm viewing your site in relation to a job interview on January 25
           for the position of Resident Caretaker. I must say I'm most
           impressed with what I've seen and read. Joseph (Joe) Scherba
           From:White Rock

           Gene and Dick StrotherSaturday, 1/21/06, 6:34 PM
           We moved in this complex November 1st, 2004. We live in #64.
           From:Qualicum Beach

           Joan HowardWednesday, 1/4/06, 9:19 PM
           What a beautiful site. No wonder that you love it at Coventry
           From:Oshawa, ON
           Email: You know it!!!