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Page: Darren Perkins
This page was last updated: May 9, 2012
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Darren is an artist and art teacher and a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.  He has his own website here:
Here is his Bio:  
Please visit Darren's website to see the full scope of his works of art.  BTW he  was also a Potter  and Ceramic Designer during a time of his life where he created the Windridge House 'gentlefolk' characters, a series of mainly hand-built stoneware figures,  as well as functional pottery.

                    Darren exhibits his paintings and they are also for sale.  
Tranquil Bay
Sunrise Mist
Serene Morning on Lightning Lake
White Rock Summers Eve
Path to the Clearing
Drumbeg  Woods
Morning Light on the Walking Trail
Below are more examples of  Darren's work