Coventry Woods Residents' Own Special Works of Art
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Page 1: Neil Klassen
This page was last updated: September 29, 2013
These trees stand behind the EEE vegetable market on Fraser Highway around 160th Street.  This year's crop. (2013)
I got this picture of Mt Baker a while ago.  Having taken several, this one is the best I caught.
Flower in Flood, BC, standing alone in my sister's yard.  Fraser River mountains just behind the river, beyond.
A little wasp in a wonderful work environment.
A bee I found on a grape plant we had in our back yard.  One of my favorite pics.
Train track just North of 96th Avenue, Langley, on a slightly foggy morning.
Trees, in the early morning.  I took this shot, knowing that the Developers would soon have buildings standing in their place.  This is just East of 208th Street on 72nd Avenue in Langley.
2005 - This is the Bow River in Calgary; not in any flood stage.