Coventry Woods Residents' Own Special Works of Art
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Page 2: Neil Klassen
This page was last updated: September 29, 2013
These pink beauties were near the entrance to Coventry Woods.  Fabulous!
These "pine cones", in our son's back yard.  I thought conifers had their seeds hanging - not standing upright.
We have four Rose plants near our front door.  I named each plant for the beautiful ladies in our family.  This yellow one is the Madison Rose, named after our 4 year old granddaughter, Madison Rose Steen.
I am glad I am bigger than this spider.
This spider was quicker than the dead fly. The picture is entitled "The Quick and the Dead".  I found this action on the side of our house.
We saw these Mountain Sheep, just on the other (East) side of Revelstoke. They did not mind my camera and performed a little dance for us and then seemingly one of them called a strategy meeting.