Coventry Woods Residents' Own Special Works of Art
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Page 4: Neil Klassen
This page was last updated: October 1, 2013
A baby pineapple at the Dole display on Oahu.
Colored bark of a beautiful grove of trees at the entry to the Dole display.
This is the ocean tide coming in on the North Shore of Oahu.  See the figure on the left with the round nose, yelling at his dog at lower center?  Also, I see an Actor's mask at upper center-left.  A little lap dog at lower right just where the water meets the sand.  The left eye at the center dog becomes the mouth of another face... I see more but you already think I am nuts.  I thought, "This could be people and animals that drowned in this bay.  Hmmm..."
Golden Ears Mountain in the early morning; taken from the 208th Street overpass
This is a short walking trail in a Rest Area along I-5 highway; I think in Oregon.
These are landmark rocks at Cannon Beach Oregon. 
This large bird was just landing in the early morning. Taken from about 198th Street about 69th Avenue, overlooking Langley City Hall which was still covered by the morning mountain shadows.  The bird was actually a bit lower.  When my client saw the picture, he moved the bird up a bit to make it more visible.  I don't really like editing, but I couldn't find the actual shot to show you.  The bird was actually in the picture, however.