Coventry Woods Residents' Own Special Works of Art
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Page 7: Neil Klassen
This page was last updated: February 12, 2017
Bushes on 216th Street provide perfect camouflage for little birds, providing berry lunch as well.  How long did it take you to find them?
Here, I trimmed the picture.  The two little birds are behind/below the arched grey stem.

These birds at the Reifel Bird Sanctuary  reserve had been waiting for me to take their picture and all swam in a nice pattern.. The above two shots were taken on New Years Day, 2011.
I couldn’t resist showing you the bee (wasp?) that joined us for an In - Out Burger at the Langley Cruise in this Summer (2013).  We shared the table.
I didn't mind since I had finished my share of the Pepsi.
BC Ferry - The Ferry was quite majestic as she slowed a bit to pose for us, I thought.
I took this from the mountains South of Chilliwack; looking over the farms, towards Abbotsford.
These winter scenes taken at or near Derby Reach Park.  Even the Fraser River was all dressed up on December 17, 2012.
Golden Ears Mountains in winter.
The harbor at Horseshoe Bay - beautiful colors.C.
This pictures the winter blasts of January 2013.  I was reminded of powdered icing sugar.