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The Clubhouse Committee is always busy organizing many socials, fundraisers and handling Clubhouse rentals. 

For those new to the complex, the proceeds of  Clubhouse Committee fundraisers have fully equipped the Clubhouse for rentals such as folding tables and chairs, china, stemware, flatware, table cloths, coffee maker, plus fans for the exercise room and the two wooden benches in front of the Clubhouse. They have also purchased the Pool Patio furniture - Glass tables, chairs and umbrellas and two of the five Aggregate Planters at the Pool.  (The other three were purchased by the 2006 Garden Committee with funds donated by Realtor-Owner  Neil Klassen).

In  2010 the Clubhouse Committee purchased three new lounge chairs for the pool area, donated $100 toward the complex's gardens and paid for the Clubhouse's hanging baskets.

In 2011 the Committee purchased two new end tables and a coffee table for the Clubhouse lounge and donated $100 towards  the complex's  annual pool and flowerbed plantings  as well as paying for the four hanging baskets at the front of the Clubhouse. They also donated $600 towards the purchase of a Metal shed to store the BBQ's and Patio Furniture during the winter months.

In 2012 and 2013 the Committee again donated $100 towards the purchase of annuals, in addition to buying the four hanging baskets at the Clubhouse.

In 2014, $100 was donated to buy the four hanging baskets and $300 toward installing crown moldings in the Clubhouse lounge.

In 2015 & 2016, $100 was donated to buy the Clubhouse hanging baskets.  

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C.H. Social Committee 
Clubhouse  Social  Committee Members:

Bev Parkinson                  
Mary Radcliffe                   Rentals Coordinator
Dianne Stewart                 Rentals alternate
Carol Josey                      
Ruth Genge                      
Pat MacCulloch                 Newsletter & Notices + liaises with Webmistress
Kay Turner (& Dave)         
Shirley Farris                       
Margaret Alton                  Strata Council liaison
Bev Nathaniel                    
Thordis McRae                   

Members are expected to volunteer/assist where needed for some events.

Clubhouse Rentals: Mary Radcliffe 604-888-3889; Dianne S.: 604-888-6046 
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Note:  Owners may rent Clubhouse tables and chairs for their home parties. To build up a fund to cover the cost of damage repair and/or replacements,  there's a nominal charge of  $2.00 per table and $1.00 each per chair, for each home rental event.
Dishes, glasses and cutlery are NOT for rent for home parties. However,  they are included when you rent the Clubhouse for a private party.
See  C.H. Rentals. 
The next meetings will be held on Monday, Nov. 20 & Jan.15 at 11:00AM at  the Clubhouse. No meeting in Dec.  If you are interested in our social events please come to the meetings.  We always appreciate new  ideas and welcome new members. 
This page was last updated: October 24, 2017
All Coventry Woods owners very much appreciate the Clubhouse Committee Members' contributions to improve our facilities and provide a friendly place to socialize here in the complex.  The funds to  make these contributions come from holding 50/50 draws at their events, plus any surplus from the CH rentals.