Coventry Woods
This page was last updated: September 23, 2013
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A bit of  History:

Bob and Lois Green (unit 65) were the third owners to buy into Coventry Woods on July 15, 1995.  They took daily walks down 216th Street and noticed a lot of  litter, mainly thrown from cars at night after picking up at the local fast food outlets. They decided to sign up for the Langley Adopt- a Street program and picked up all the litter on their walks on both sides of the street.  The District of Langley put up a sign on our street with an attributing name. Lois and Bob decided to name Coventry Woods as the contributor . We'd get all the glory but they would do the work. You will notice the sign a the top of 216th Street after turning North from 88th Ave.  
Sadly, after a few years , Bob passed away  but Lois continued to pick up the litter along 216th Street as always. Another walker, Jean Buchanan unit 17, also brought along a plastic bag to pick up when she took her daily walk.  In 2007, Lois  passed the torch to Anne-Marie Saunders in unit 5 who continued on with the program until August 2009 when Katie and Bill Tough in unit 9  took over until they moved away January 2011.

A new call for volunteers went out in February 2011 and three owners answered the call.  Ruth & Ken Genge in unit 25 and Liz Winn in unit 92.   They will now be helping to keep our street clean and presentable.  Isn't it nice to walk down this long boulevard and find it clean!

Coventry Woods owners thank all these volunteers for their service to the common good. You are so appreciated!  Lets all bring a plastic bag along on our walks to help them !
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