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                             Garden Refuse
Those of us living by East Munday Creek and its tributary running through our complex are reminded that we're not to throw our garden refuse into these conservation areas. Lamium and Ivies are particularly invasive. You can observe them taking over along the East Munday Creek trail and by our bridge.

Please be responsible and dispose of your garden waste, preferably in a garbage can  rather than plastic bags where twigs and rose branches get caught up  and make them hard to empty.  Place it on your garage apron on Tuesdays. (Wednesdays after long weekends). Our Landscapers will empty them in the afternoon so have them out by noon. Please remember NOT to put anything but plant materials in the Garden Waste.  No plastic tags or pots as it is going to the compostable green dump.  (Our Garbage Collector does not accept our garden waste. That would be an extra service cost to our budget.  Our Landscapers are not charging us for this service as they are going to the green dump anyway).
                    The rule for the two conservation areas is this:

If it came from there - i.e. leaves and dead branches, you can throw them back.  Anything else - No.
Sand and leaves from the gutters? - No - as there are chemicals still coming off the asphalt tile roofs.

Let's all be responsible for the natural environment we are so lucky to have next to our homes.

Note:  Nothing may be emptied into our storm sewers anywhere in the complex as they empty into our fish spawning creeks connected to the Fraser River.
East Munday Creek Trail
The Strata Mail Box in the Mailroom

  What is it for?

It's for depositing any letters addressed to Council concerning requests for permission, or other Strata concerns which Council needs to discuss at their meetings. The president will pick them up, read them and fax copies to our Property Manager for inclusion in the following Council Meeting Agenda.

It is NOT for
Letters to our Property Manager concerning accounts, i.e. Strata fee payments, void cheques etc. These should be mailed directly to them via Canada Post because our Manager is usually only here once a month for our Council meeting. Otherwise our President will have to pay for the stamp in re-directing it and there will be a delay in the Property Manager receiving your information.
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General Page 2  - Re: Private Insurance
                           and re-sodding our lawns
  Garbage Collection is every second Tuesday and             Recycling & Organics every Wednesday
Coventry Woods has a private contract with Progressive Waste to collect our Garbage and Organics. Due to our separate Organics pick-up, owners' regular garbage has obviously been reduced.  The Garbage truck will only pick up every second Tuesday. Keep track on your calendar.

They pick up our Organics for composting every Wednesday. The only time  both of these pick-ups move forward one day is if Christmas and New years fall on a Tuesday or Wednesday, respectively.  

Need a new green Organics pick-up tub? - Buy one at Home Depot or Can. Tire. We're not sure who carries them. 
Need a new black kitchen Organics tub? - Buy one at Home Depot for $10?

Sierra Waste Management is the Blue Box recycling company that the Township of  Langley  and we also use. Feb. 2019 they now come between 10 and 11 Am.   Bookmark the TOL web page for all the info regarding sorting and acceptable & non-acceptable items.
Hazardous waste Info here.
Need a Blue box or Yellow bags ? - order them  here .
Recycling pick-up moves to Thursdays following stat holidays.
                Work Requests

When you need some Strata work done around your property - e.g. removing a wasp nest,  unclogging a downspout, power washing an algae green patio, etc - fill out a Work Request form which you can obtain from a basket on the right side shelf in the Mailroom.
Once the forms are completed they should be deposited in the locked box. Pick up and review of forms happens often and work is prioritized with the caretaker.
Below is a blank form you may download and print.
Corner at unit 39 by the bridge
Unit 71 by the 91Ave. vehicle gate
This page was last updated: March 9, 2020
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