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                    Private Insurance

Every owner should ensure they have a private  insurance policy that covers any damage or insurance deductible which is charged back to their strata lot in the event  that damage is caused to the building, another unit or their strata lot through the negligence, omission, act or error of the owner or their family or guests.

Strata Corporation Policy Deductible:

The Strata Corporation currently (2014)  has a water damage deductible  of $10,000. If an owner's washing machine or dishwasher, or other item should overflow and cause damage, the strata corporation's insurance policy will not be executed until the damage is at least $10,000. At that point the strata will charge back the deductible to the owner's strata lot  - this is what needs to be covered by an owner's private insurance policy. Basically, the owner would pay up to the first $10,000 of any damage claim caused by their strata lot.

The Strata Corporation will cover damage caused to an owner's unit or the common property should the damage be caused through the failure of a strata system( i.e: fire sprinklers, water main etc). Note that hot water tanks located in owners' townhouses are the sole responsibility of the owners to maintain. The Strata  Corporation insurance policy does not cover personal possessions or upgrades to units  - the policy covers only the unit as it was originally built. Owners who have questions about the Strata Insurance Policy may contact the Property Manager for further clarification.

                                                         Source: Council AGM Minutes  Nov 30, 2009
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                                     Fixing your problem lawn.

Everyone has poor drainage in the township of Langley because there is  a layer of clay close to the surface everywhere.  Our Landscapers kill moss, aerate and lime our lawns every year but sometimes that is not enough in certain spots and so the grass may deteriorate over the years, especially in shady look like this: 
Strata funds are very tight  and so council will not approve any lawn upgrades but if  you want to pay for it yourself that is perfetly fine.  In  May 2015 two owners have gone that route and would like to share information about the landscaper they chose and what they did. Bob Vanderaegan writes:

"Contact was made to the Strata Council requesting permission to have an independent contractor restore the lawns behind Units 35 (Vanderaegen) and 36 (Parkinson) units, at the cost of these two strata owners.

After the approval was given, the work commenced with the power rotor-raking and removal of all weed and damaged grass. New 2 1/2" of rich soil was added (containing 60% sand mixture) and packed with a roller. High quality turf was brought in from Chilliwack (hardier for this climate), installed and rolled. Finally new grass fertilizer was administered.

Warren Darby, owner of Executive Landscape (resides just west of the creek behind Coventry Woods) has stated that he would welcome other Strata owners interested in having work appraisals, or receiving other recommendations, to contact him".

This is  the result of how Warren Darby of Executive Landscape restored lawns to these two units.