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Notice to New Owners of Coventry Woods

The following is a reproduction of an insert to all New Owners packages provided by our previous Management Company.  I felt it would be useful to insert on our Website. 

For those owners who are new to Strata Complexes please be aware that as per the Condominium Act  and your Strata Bylaws, you do not  have the authority or power to alter the exterior of your Strata lot, or the backyard and sideyards of your home as this is common property or limited common property.

There have been many questions raised by owners and it is felt this notice would assist in answering those questions  or at least give you guidance to procedures.

In order to make alterations to the exterior of the Strata lot,  and this could mean something as simple as installing a screen door, you must write Strata Council asking permission with details. As well, if you want to alter your backyard, even install plantings, you must write Strata Council asking permission showing details of your intended work. Council reviews these requests at the monthly Council meeting and makes a decision. You are notified in writing of the Council's decision. 

If you proceed with any work without the prior written approval of Council, the remedies in the Condominium Act and your Bylaws are monthly fines and/or reinstating the common property or Strata lot to its original state.  Failure to do so, the Council has the strength to remedy and charge the costs back to you.

If you are uncertain of the extent of your individual Strata lot and the common property (or limited common property)  you should contact either Council or the Property Manager, in writing, for clarification.

The Strata Council is elected by the owners of  Coventry Woods to act on behalf of all the owners. Their decisions are based on the good and protection of the entire complex and the ownership as a whole.
Additional information:

When a change request has been approved by Council, the owner is sent a letter by the Property Manager indicating this and asking the owner to affix his/her signature to the return copy that from now on the owner will be responsible for any future maintenance requirements to the structure, flower bed, screen door, patio extension, planted tree etc. and that (s)he will notify any future owner of this.  In other words, passing that letter along so that the new owner is aware of any changes to the common or limited common property for which they will be responsible.  Therefore, if you are a new owner, the previous owner should have disclosed any such changes to you.

Council has heard stories that often these disclosures have not been made in the process of selling the Strata unit.  The change could have been made by two-three owners before you.  Nevertheless, whether the seller has advised you or not, you will be responsible for the cost of fixing a patio extension if it cracks,  cutting down an owner planted tree which has grown too big,  sodding a current  flowerbed which was originally lawn, etc.  That may seem unfair to you, but it's the old saying of "buyer beware".  You have to know what questions to ask before you buy. If this is your first experience buying into a strata complex, the Real Estate agents, who have the knowledge, should be researching this for you with the Coventry Woods Property Manager, since copies of these letters are on file  there.

If this has happened to you, Council will be sympathetic but it does not change the fact that you are responsible for the cost of fixing whatever was changed on the original Strata lot.
Owner gardening responsibilities:

Watering the lawn around your unit.  No watering is done other than by owners. Volunteers help water the common areas and along the perimeter streets.  In-ground Sprinkler Systems were costed out in 1995-6 and were found to be far too costly for the Strata Corp. even then.
Water restrictions are in effect June 1 until Sept.30. 
Coventry Woods owners may sprinkle their lawns Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays between 4:00AM and 9:00AM only.  Watering the flower beds, shrubs, hedges and trees is permitted at any time ...and please do! well as washing your cars.  Regulations apply only to lawns.

Weeding  the flower beds around your unit. These beds are yours to have fun planting and taking care of. However, if you become unable to take care of them yourself, you will have to arrange for weeding and maintenance to be done at your own cost.  Or, consider low maintenance Japanese type of  beds. River rocks and plantings in pots.  Council can advise you.

Keeping invasive plants away from the walls of your unit, such as vining plants. They can get into the vinyl siding and cause damage.  As the privacy fences have to be painted every few years, climbing plants should be on a trellis far enough out from the fence for painting to be done, or be prepared to cut the whole thing down to the ground when painting is scheduled.  They will  probably grow back.
Original owners received an umbrella with our Firethorn Logo plus a golf  shirt from the Developer - Pennyfarthing
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If you are new to strata/condo living  here is a website which will provide a lot of information:
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Here is a bit of
CW trivia:
                        Giving up your Landline for Cellular?

In general, more and more people are switching to just using cellular phones - but your cellular phone will not be able to open the Complex's gates for visitors and Trades people. To get around that, keep your old landline phone connected to the wall receptacle. This will work even after Telus or Shaw have disconnected your service. You will need to use the Landline phone to reply to people at the gates. Press 9 to let vehicles in and press 6 for the pedestrian gate.
                                                                                                                    Source: Don Alton
                                              Notice to Owners re Parking issues

Over the past few months, Strata Council has been discussing possible solutions to the ongoing problems we encounter regarding temporary parking at the Clubhouse and along the side of the roadway – opposite units #3, #4 and #5.

The owners in that area continue to be faced with vehicles being parked there - usually for short periods of time while picking up mail or stopping to chat. This unfortunately can cause the owner a delay in having access to their garage, whether coming or going – often having to wait till the vehicle is moved.

Council is presently having 'No Parking' signs made up, which will be placed along the cedar hedge opposite these units.

In the meantime, we request your co-operation when picking up your mail - or stopping for any other reason - that, if there are no visitor spots available, you either return at a later time when a spot is available or that you park on 216 St. which is a very short distance to the Mail Room.  Council also has to remind owners that parking their own cars on the apron of their unit is restricted to a period of up to 30 minutes for the purposes of loading or unloading.

We are very fortunate here at Coventry Woods to have roadways that accommodate two vehicles being able to pass each other, however, Council feels it is necessary to request that owners be a little more courteous to those who live opposite the Clubhouse and along that strip.

Council would also like to remind owners that it is a 15km/hr speed limit within the complex and request you advise any visitor in case they are not aware of it. Recently we continue to see vehicles driving well above that speed limit.

Your co-operation regarding this matter is greatly appreciated.

                                                          On behalf of Strata Council,
                                                                 Maggie Chapman
                                                                  June 4th, 2014