Coventry Woods

            Council Members for 2020 - 2021
Susan Perkins         unit 16    President  
Peter Wilson            unit 37    V.P. - Buildg. Maint. & Caretaker Monitor
Ron Stewart             unit 6     Treasurer 
Susan Perkins         unit 16    Secretary in addition to President.
Helen Kind              unit 52    Landscaping  & Gardens Monitor
Ed Kennedy             unit 8      Member at large 
Brenda Wilson         unit 54    Member at large 
Joy Hargreaves        unit 24   Caretaker liaison for Owners until March.

For history of  Council Members since 1995 - email Lilian 

Strata Agent               Brendan Materi
                                    dWell Property Management 
                                    suite 270- 4311 Viking Way 
                                    Richmond , BC  V6V 2K9
                                    Tel: 604-821-2999   Ext 205    Fax: 604-821-1822
                                    24hr Emergency Line for legit Building emergencies:
                                   604-821-2999 Ext. 5

                                    Direct phone:  604-248-0750  Fax: 604-821-1822 

                                    All Council Meeting Minutes to be found here: 
                                    dWell Strata  Web site.

This page was last updated: January 17, 2021
Strata Council
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This page was last updated: January 17, 2021
The Council members are volunteers who give of their time and expertise to make sure that we are being financially responsible (e.g. getting our money's worth on our contracts) and that the Complex is in tip-top shape in order to not only  maintain it for our own pleasure and pride, but also to possibly improve the market value of our homes. 

To serve on Council is only sometimes a thankless job :o) and we  appreciate the owners who take their turn in these important functions. Everyone else can support them by familiarizing themselves with, and adhering to, the Bylaws and by volunteering for various light duties - such as planting/clearing annuals, watering the containers and flowerbeds and opening and locking up the Clubhouse on the Caretaker's days off.   Your help is very much appreciated. 

Please take the time to read "My Year on Strata Council"  by  Miina Piir on the following page.   It's worth the read.   

                                                                                                             Lilian Connolly 
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Last council minutes: Jan. 7, 2021 - emailed to owners Jan. 12
2021 Council meeting dates: 9:30 am on Feb. 4,  March 4,  April 8,  May 6,  June 10,
 July 8,  Sept. 9,  October 7,  Nov. 4.
There is some very good historical information in the two 2006 Council Newsletters - archived in the Owners Pages, particularly the Nov. 2006 letter  after  Council had met with various managers  from the District of Langley  in order to - among other things - settle who is responsible for maintaining the boulevard landscaping which had become an eyesore.  Carol Millar was very pro-active for the two years she was Council President in 2005 & 2006. She  also  made an effort to learn about all the issues around our creek  and ravine trees which we found out is a Restricted Covenant area  and that we are responsible for it and need permission from the Federal DFO in order to cut down diseased trees or do anything else. It is particularly necessary for all new councils to know about this since it is not written down anywhere else.  There are no copies with the Property Manager.  Being the Council Secretary at the time I made sure that we had it well documented in this letter since otherwise the information would be lost. I am therefore inserting the two letters here for easy access to all owners and council members so that everyone knows about our responsibilities.     
Lilian  Connolly
2018-19 Winterization Notice from Re/Max