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Q1.  Who do I call in an emergency?

A1.   In case of Fire  or  suspicious/criminal activity, or medical emergency, call 911. Do a follow-up call to our Property Manager, Brendan Materi, at RE/MAX and report  any (non-medical) incidents to him.
Phone: 604-821-2999.
In case of flood or other Strata related emergencies, call Brendan Materi  at RE/MAX (24/7/365) and state the emergency. Have him paged if out of office.  Phone: 604-821-2999.

Q2. What do I do when I find problems on the common property outside my  Strata Unit - e.g. bees' nests, clogged gutters, deceased trees,  cracks in the patio.

A2.  Pick up a Service Request form in the Mail Room and fill it out.  Deposit it in the Service box provided there and the Caretaker or Maintenance  person on council will  contact you and fix it - or failing that,  he  will take it to Council for  action. 

Q3. I want to change something around the common property e.g. install  window screens, change doors, make a flower bed, trim a tree, build a decorative edge, install a fence, tile the patio.

A3. Adding or removing anything on common property must have Council approval. This includes trimming our trees which should only be done by our Landscaper who is a trained arborist.  

Write a letter to Council with  specifics  of  your plan and materials used.  For example, if wanting to  add  a structure  or a flower bed,  include a drawing showing measurements. Deposit the letter in the Strata Manager's mail slot and Council will review your request  at the next Council Meeting. A walk-around will often be conducted and a decision will be made based upon the by-laws and common sense.  You will receive a letter stating whether your request has been approved,  -  as a whole,  in part, with conditions, - or denied.  

Q4. The Pressure Release Valve  on the Main Water pipe sprang a leak  and flooded  my house. What do I do?

A4. First, turn off the round blue  Main shut -off valve just below the PRV.
Second: Call our Property Manager (24/7) to report it.
Third. Then, to restore your water supply, call a plumber  to replace the valve  and check for possible damage to your Hot Water tank.
Fourth.  Call a Restoration company to come in and clean up the mess.
Fifth.  Call your Condo Insurance Agent to start a claim for the damage.  Strata Insurance does not cover this event as the pipe and valve  are not on common property which stops at the blue coupling on the pipe coming up from the floor.

Q5. Why is the light flashing on the Transfer Pump Station by the bridge ?

A5. This is a warning light to let us know that the pump is not working and sewage  is therefore  backing up.  Call our Property Manager (24/7) and inform our Caretaker and/or the council member in charge of Maintenance.

Q6.  My toilet is backing up, what should I do?

A6. Call the council member in charge of Maintenance to find out if the Transfer Pump Station is  clogged. If it isn't, then it is a problem with your  own toilet/plumbing and you should call a plumber.   Click on the "Owners' Only" button to see the Trades listing.

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