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  Frequently Asked Questions
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Q9.  There's some moisture, or even water, collecting on the floor of the furnace room. Should I worry about that?

A9.  Yes, you should. It means that there is a leak in your pipes somewhere. Don't wait to call the plumber. It can only get worse and result in a flood and water damage into your home.  Owners should check their furnace room at least once a week for anything unusual.  There should never be moisture on the floor.   

Q10.  I'm going to be away, what safety precautions should I  take?

A10.  Turn off the water to your washing machine (two round taps on the wall behind it) to remove any pressure. Those rubber hoses are not that great and could burst. ( But maybe leave a note on top of the machine to remind yourself when you come back that this is what you have done :o) .  If you are away during the winter, also turn down the thermostat to around 15 degrees but DO NOT turn the heat off completely in case we get a frost. You don't want your sprinkler pipes to freeze and break, causing a flood. Since there are no heating elements in the attic, only the warmth emanating from the ceilings provide the heat.  And do turn off the exterior hose connections in the winter. ( Under the kitchen sink for the patio,  and - for the front hose connection - behind the hot water tank in the furnace room. Some units may differ.) 
This is what your house looks like after a sprinkler  pipe breaks.  All the grey fluffy insulation in your attic comes down as a soggy mess in a torrent of water, inches deep, all over your house.  I do hope you have Condo insurance  which will cover this type of damage.  The clean-up costs run into the thousands - like  $17,000, depending on the severity.  And make sure your Condo Insurance policy covers the Strata Insurance Deductible of $10,000 (2014).  Don't be penny wise and pound foolish... as the old saying goes!
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