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Q11. Is there a Plumbing 101 for Grandmas?

A11. This is it!  Luckily the installers were thoughtful enough to tag the important shut-off valves which is all we care about in an emergency before we call the plumber. Familiarize yourself with the shut-offs,  and if they aren't tagged and you feel that they should be, - go ahead.  In case of leaks around the various pipes inside our homes, there are many shut-off valves – under the toilet tanks, under all the sinks, two over the washing machine.

Outside hose Connections : – turn them off when frost is predicted.

1. Patio  – the shut-off valve is a round tap located under the kitchen sink on a pipe going off at a right angle.

2. Front Exterior –  The shut-off  is hidden away behind the Hot Water tank and you have to be a contortionist to get at it. And it’s not even tagged!

Furnace Room: There are several tags – familiarize yourself.
1. The Main shut-off valve (round, blue and tagged ‘Main’) is located below the Pressure Release Valve. This shuts off the water to the house except for the Sprinkler System. Shutting the Main  off does not affect the Sprinkler System so that in case a fire occurred during the time it is shut off your house is still protected.  The Main shut off valve is the one to shut off when the plumber may be working in the house. 

2. The Sprinkler shut-off  -  Flat Red handle - is located  just above the coupling on the hose coming up from the floor ( the Municipal water supply). If there is a break in the Sprinkler Pipes, turn this handle off.  Now you will have no water coming in from the street at all to your house and your Sprinkler System is inoperable.

3.  Hot Water Tank. The water shut-off is located behind and above the tank. If your Hot water tank is leaking, this is the one to shut off. The Gas shut-off is on the front of the tank at the bottom. You should also shut this one off at the same time.

Note: Since there are six different house plans  in this complex  some units may differ somewhat from the above descriptions  but it should give you an indication as to what to look for. The above instructions are based on the Arbutus and Beechwood Ranchers.

4. The Furnace  (Boiler - because it's gas). If your boiler fails to come on, -you'll know when your house turns cold! - call a plumber ( Gas certified). There are safety precautions built in so that you don't have to worry about turning off the gas.

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