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Q14.  Why are there Parking Restrictions at Coventry Woods?

A14.   The bylaws that have been adopted by the owners list several parking restrictions:

-   The Visitor Parking areas are only to be used by visitors except overnight  between 9:00PM and 9:00AM when, with permission from council, owners may bring their vehicles that would otherwise have to park on the street, into the visitor parking areas.
-  Parking on the aprons in front of the garages is limited to contractors,  and to visitors who stay for a period of 30 minutes or less.

The rationale for these parking restrictions is:

-  Many owners in Coventry Woods purchased the units because they like the uncluttered look with no cars parked on the aprons. We can therefore conclude that the value of our homes or even the ability to sell, is related to the  parking restrictions.  Many visitors have commented about the neatness of our community with cars only in the visitor lots. It is recognized that there are special days such as Christmas and Mother's Day when the parking lots are full so other parking is permitted
-  Owners are not allowed to park in the visitors' parking areas during the daytime so that guests can use them.
-  The 30 minute apron parking gives some flexibility to visitors  who are in a hurry and stay for a short period of time.
-  When contractors visit homes to make installations or deliveries, they need to be near the unit entrance to assist with their work.  
-  The Township of Langley requires that a 6 1/2 meter roadway in strata communities be open so that emergency vehicles can freely access the units.
-  Overnight parking by owners at designated times is permitted to minimize the possibility of vehicle vandalism or theft on the street. This is also the time when visitor spots are usually not required. Council needs to know who parks inside the community at night to avoid strangers from parking their vehicles in our community.  Please write to council for permission, giving your unit number, make of car and licence plate number. 

The Strata Council is obligated to enforce the bylaws that have been adopted by the owners. It has the authority to levy fines of $200 per bylaw infraction and/or tow the vehicle at the cost of the car owner. In order to retrieve the car, please check with the Council President or our Caretaker as to what company towed the car. 

Cooperation from all owners is expected and appreciated. It is the responsibility of all owners to advise your guests and visitors to park in visitor slots.  Exception: For  Private Events at the  Clubhouse, guests must
park on the street.

Visitors staying overnight must display the laminated Visitor's Pass  card showing the host's unit number on the dashboard of their vehicle for emergency purposes. These passes were given to original owners and should be passed on to new owners. If  such passes have been lost, please make up your own card -  "Visiting  unit # (xx) ".   If a guest will be staying longer than five  nights, a council member must be advised.  
This information has been provided by your 2007 Council.
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