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  Frequently Asked Questions
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Q. 16  How do  I  re-key my  overhead garage door remote?

A. 16  This is how - (information provided by Bob Vanderaegan)

If your battery in the keypad remote has been dead for some time, you will need to re-program that remote using the following instructions.
(If the battery still had some life in it and it is changed out quickly you should not require re-programming).

1) Press & release the green "Program Button" on the back of the Garage Door opener (ceiling of garage). The program light should go on steady.
You have 20 seconds to go to the remote garage door keypad and do the following:
2)  Key in the four (4) digit security code, then
3)  Press and hold the "Enter" key  and count 1 -  2 - 3
4) Release - wait briefly, then press the "Enter" key again and it should activate  the opener. 

If you have any questions on this subject, or need service on the overhead door opener, you can contact the following company. Make sure you know the make of the garage door operating system before calling them:

#106 - 13423 78th Avenue,  Surrey, BC
Telephone: 604-597-4040,        Website:

Or....You may prefer to contact a different company.  

Q. 17  The Patio electrical outlet isn't working.

A. 17   Something  has probably tripped it and you just need to push the red re-set button.  Unlike your bathroom plug which has a re-set button, the Rancher units' patio plugs do not. ( I don't know about the two-story units).  Locate the front  external plug (usually at the side of  the  garage) and  push on the red re-set button on that plug. Your patio plug re-set wire is attached to it. If re-setting it does not fix your problem, then check your breakers in the panel board in the garage.  Do those two things first before calling an electrician.   

Q. 18 The Bathroom fan won't quit running 

A. 18  You had turned the bathroom fan on earlier and think that the fan has been running long enough. You flip the switch to off, but the fan keeps running anyway. You are not able to turn it off. Now, it could be that you need to replace the switch, however before calling an electrician, go to the humidity thermostat (usually on the wall by the bathroom door.) Make sure the fan switch is in the off position. Start turning the thermostat up, e.g. if it was set at 60% turn it up to 70-80-90%  and see if the Fan goes off . It probably will. Ta da!  I learned this when I'd had the carpet cleaners which caused the humidity to rise in the house. The 65% thermostat setting kicked the fan on and would have continued until the carpets were dry and the humidity had come down to the usual level.  The thermostat worked!  I think we all tend to forget that we have a humidity thermostat in the house.

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