Coventry Woods
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Q. 19  What pipes tend to corrode and leak over time? 

A.19  The headers supplying water from the Hot Water tank.

In March 2011 one of the owners in Coventry Woods found some water leaking into their closet. On investigation a leak was found in the pipes from the "hot water header", usually located near to the hot water heating tank.

It is apparent that the situation in his home could easily happen in any of our homes.

Evidently, over several years, the chemicals in our tap water cause deterioration in the plastic pipes used to carry water from the hot water tank to the bathrooms and kitchen as well as the washing machine.  Eventually a failure may occur where the plastic pipes are joined to the copper pipes, causing to a leak. This problem appears to be limited to the hot water header which is above floor level. The location of this hot water header varies depending on the model of your home. For some it is behind  or next the hot water tank and clearly visible; for others it is behind the wall inside a walk in closet, there may or may not be an access panel in this case.

The purpose of this alert is to suggest that each resident identify where this hot water header is located and check it or have it checked in the very near future

It must be stressed that this kind of leak is not the responsibility of the Strata and must be handled by the owner. The Strata Council is not able to advise what action to take other than to suggest the pipes are checked by a professional plumber.
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PS: In the Arbutus Rancher model the above pictured header is located next to the Hot Water tank near the floor.  Two other headers like that are located inside the wall between the walk-in closet and the ensuite bathroom. They are accessed by a panel in the closet.  LConnolly