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This page was last updated: March 26, 2020
If you are new to strata/condo living, here is a website which will provide a lot of information:
This page was last updated: March 26, 2020
Explore  Science, Art and Human Perception at the Exploratorium
Note: The two-story Cypress models in C.W. have the master bedroom on the second floor.
The  two-story Evergreen models have the master bedroom on the main floor.
The Arbutus, Beechwood, Dogwood and  Elm models are Ranchers. Elm being inside units.
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is  Feb. 6, 2020 -
Corrected telephone # for unit 65.

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There are no units numbered 40-47.
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No units for sale at the moment.
Anyone in B.C. who develops symptoms, or think they have, should first call HealthLink BC, by dialing 811, to talk to a registered nurse or a pharmacist 24 hours, 7 days a week to see what next steps should be taken.                         

Council has locked down the Clubhouse until further notice.  The concern is that cross contamination of the Covid 19 virus may occur by users of the spa, library, etc.  It is unfortunate that this has to occur but it is better to be safe. 

The mail room will remain open.  Outgoing mail should now be deposited in the appropriate slot in the parcel locker.
Thordis Mc Rae advises that the 216 St. Corridor Study Public Open House March 26 meeting has been cancelled due to the Covid19 Virus. Please download and read her further information on this topic.
Peter Wilson emailed owners March 26 reminding residents that our Strata Rules forbid soliciting by trades people, e.g. window cleaners, realtors and other services because our Strata Insurance does not cover for any accidents or mishaps they might suffer. They would be able to sue the owner(s) if harmed. Falling off a ladder, slipping on wet leaves, tripping on your flower bed edging.  I'd love to go on.....the possibilities are endless. ;o)
Marcelito's  pitch perfect comparison with Celine Dion on The Power of Love.