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This page was last updated: October 17, 2017
If you are new to strata/condo living, here is a website which will provide a lot of information:
This page was last updated: October 17, 2017
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Note: The two-story Cypress models in C.W. have the master bedroom on the second floor.
The  two-story Evergreen models have the master bedroom on the main floor.
The Arbutus, Beechwood, Dogwood and  Elm models are Ranchers. Elm being inside units.
Latest update to
the Telephone  list
is   Oct. 14, 2017
Added new owners
at  units  17, 60 & 61.

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Owners' Only index pgge
PW protected on pages 1-3.
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There are no units numbered 40-47.
To read our latest Council Minutes - go to the Owners' Only page 1.  You will also find a direct link there to Re/Max with the CW password. 
Last updated 
Sept. 18, 2017,
Added new Electrician & Plumber
Unit 61- 2 story Cypress; 3BR; 2.5 Bath; 1920 sq.ft. New price $684,900      Mls# R2189770   Listed by RE/MAX Crest Realty. Realtor: Jacalyn Wilson                
Unit 58 - 2 story Cypress Model; 3BR; 3 Bath; 1920 sq. ft. New price $715,900
Mls# R2199449   Listed by Re/Max Performance Realty;
Primary Agent Courtland Crew
A new telephone list has been uploaded (Oct.14) adding three new home owners  - Units 17, 60 and 61.  See below.
                   We welcome them to Coventry Woods!     
SOLD or Off Market
The Stichery group will be starting up again on Tuesday Oct. 24 1:00PM at Margaret Alton's.
FYI:  If you're interested in how many people have visited our website over the soon to be 12 years, check the bottom of our Home Page. In September we surpassed 100,000 visits from Canada and 84 other countries - even from Islands in the Pacific.  
                Update Meeting re the  216 St. Truck Route
                   Thursday, October 19 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm
                               Coventry Woods Clubhouse

At this meeting, we will share information about what has been happening in our neighbourhood, what has been communicated to various levels of government, and what responses we have had from government personnel.

We will also be discussing where we need to go from here, what our next set of goals are, and what we can do to accomplish these goals.
            Please plan to attend and be part of the solution.

                                 WE ARE NOT DONE.

Together, we can continue to work for the health and safety of our community.  
                                                                 Thordis McRae