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This page was last updated: February 16, 2020
If you are new to strata/condo living, here is a website which will provide a lot of information:
This page was last updated: February 16, 2020
Explore  Science, Art and Human Perception at the Exploratorium
Note: The two-story Cypress models in C.W. have the master bedroom on the second floor.
The  two-story Evergreen models have the master bedroom on the main floor.
The Arbutus, Beechwood, Dogwood and  Elm models are Ranchers. Elm being inside units.
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is  Feb. 6, 2020 -
Corrected telephone # for unit 65.

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There are no units numbered 40-47.
To read our latest Council Minutes - go to the Owners' Only page 1.  You will also find a direct link there to Re/Max with the CW password. 
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Dec. 3, 2018,
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Lilian Connolly

Terry's Exercise classes start-up for people of a certain age.....
Tuesday Feb.18 and Fri. Feb 21 at 10-11 AM at the Clubhouse

Please email Terry if you plan to be there so that she can set up chairs. If you have  a rubber stretch chord bring that.
No units for sale at the moment.
The two sweet poodles in unit 55 now have their own page in the Pet gallery. Click here to visit Darby and Suede