Coventry Woods
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Name :  Angel

Born:    Sept. 17,  2011

Place:   Langley, BC

Breed: Havanese/Shih-Tzu cross 

Owner:  Maggie Chapman  - Unit 65
I'd like to introduce myself - my name is Angel Chapman - I'm just over 9 weeks old and I came home to Coventry Woods on Sunday  Nov. 20, 2011.

I'm now out walking, so you may see me getting dragged by my Mummy - feel free to stop and chat, I 'love' the attention.

I'm 3/4 Havanese and 1/4 Shih Tzu - so far, my Mummy hasn't regretted getting me, tho' she surprised herself and the whole family - she kept saying " I'm not getting a dog at my age' - but I think I'm making her feel younger - certainly keep her hopping - maybe that will help her to lose that extra weight she's got since her surgery.

Hope you like my photo - I'm lucky because my neighbors also like to have me go to their house - they  dogsat me last night and I played with their cat Leo - so far we're getting along.

Next time I'm going with Mum to get the mail, I'll stop by and meet Bobby!
                                                                        Ciao for now - Angel
This is Leo and me - he now has his own web page too - and he's a beauty! 
Angel at 9 weeks
This page was last updated: June 11, 2017
Maggie and Angel moved to Chilliwack in Nov. 2016 sad to say. We miss them.