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Name: Bobby

Born:  Aug 3, 2004

Place: Abbotsford, BC

Breed: Bichon Frise

Owner: Lilian & Gord   Unit 15
Why the name?.
We were touched by the story of  a Skye Terrier known as Greyfriars' Bobby in Edinburgh who, if true, lingered near his masters grave every day for 14 years until he died at age 16 in 1872 and was buried nearby in the same cemetery.  What love and devotion! You can read the story on the Web.
"Greyfriars Bobby".  We like to think that we enjoy the same kind of affection from our wee Bobby.

Awards: Grandmother Missy won several times in the U.S., and Aunts and Uncles won prizes as well. Bobby?  Not so much.  He was the runt of three.

Bobby loves most dogs except those he thinks he can intimidate from behind our fence.  He does not like the combination of big and black, e.g. Labs and German Shepherds going by, but he's all "hi guys - what's up?" with the same dogs down at the fields.  

On Aug.12, 2008  Bobby was on the Patio and was barking his head off. When he wouldn't stop and the  big black "dog" didn't keep going down the trail,  I went out to investigate.  It was a black bear - just the chain link fence separating Bobby and  the bear.  Only  when the bear  saw me, did it lumber off into the bushes.  10 mins later it was back again but got frightened by some roller-blading boys and went streaking by.  Hasn't been back since.  A bit of excitement that day!  

He's a good watch dog! 
   Lilian & Bobby.
       Oct.31, 2004
This page was last updated: May 1, 2015
Don't leave without me!
Sadly, Bobby had to be euthanized May 1, 2015.
It left such a hole in our home and in our hearts.