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This page was last updated: June 13, 2013
Name:   Gracie

Born:    February 10, 2011

Place:   Vanderhoof,  BC

Breed:  Yorkie & Maltese Cross

Owner:  Judy Nygren - unit #88
In early September 2011 Judy found this sweet 7 month old puppy at a shelter.  In Judy's own words:

"Her first owner was a woman who was pregnant at the time of purchase.  When she had her baby, Gracie was too much for her to look after, as well as the baby, which is understandable!

So,  I came upon her quite accidently while she was looking for a new forever home.  Although, I'd been "thinking" about getting a dog, for companionship for some time, it just never seemed like the right dog or the right time.  You know how it goes.  Then the minute I saw Gracie, it just felt like a fit.  I brought her home after a one night trial and the rest is history!!!  :) "

.......and after just a couple of days at Coventry Woods, Gracie seems to enjoy the ambiance already :o)  

Judy and Gracie moved on to Fort Langley  in June 2012 and we miss them.