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This page was last updated: November 30, 2011
Name :  Jackie

Born : March 10 , 2004

Place : Abbotsford, BC

Breed:  British Jack Russell Terrier                 
Owner: Shirley Mc William - Unit 75
Why the name?   Self-explanatory  :o)
" I picked her up at 8 weeks old when she was not much bigger than a human hand.  She was so cute, she slept with a teddy bear in her bed for the first few months of her life" ... and later got better accomodation on Shirley's bed on her own blanket where you may now find her napping during the day.
Jackie attended puppy school  to learn obedience where she soon had everyone eating out of her paw. She graduated from puppy school, sailed through Grade 1 but had to take Grade 2 twice."
"The biggest highlight of her day is in the mornings waiting for the squirrel to come. She patiently waits at the window with her nose sticking out of the Venetians, then leaps up and down and whines until I open the door, but of course the squirrel has long gone by now.  It doesn't matter.  She still runs around the yard jumping and looking; then, when she cannot find a squirrel, she comes back into the house and goes back to the window to wait for the squirrel to return.  He usually does but this time he is carrying a nut (his food pantry is somewhere behind No. 76 - 81) then the whole thing starts up again. Then she is happy and goes about her day playing with her brother Truffle the cat."

She is a good companion for her owner.  "Jackie makes sure I get two long walks per day, stops me from being lonely, welcomes me home whenever  I have to go out, keeps a watchful eye open during the night and alerts me  if there is an unusual sound and gives out love and kisses all day long. "   ....Shirley

Why the name?
At the time, Shirley and a partner owned the Chocolate Cottage in Murrayville.  Yum! 

Truffle is a stay at home cat, though sometimes he scoots out when visitors come and leave the door open. One time he was lost for a couple of days when they first moved in. Everyone was relieved when Shirley found him again because it was during the time the Coyote wandered through the Complex. 

Shirley  originally found him as a tiny  kitten, crying his little heart out, in a hedge at her former house. Very hungry and separated from his mother.  She took him into her home, had him neutered and now as a mature cat, he enjoys playing with his buddy Jackie.  Truffle is a talking cat and asks for everything he wants. Shirley quickly learned his limited vocabulary i.e. food - water - want hugs - Hi!- and......leave me alone :o)  
Shirley with  Jackie
        Aug. 2008
Name : Truffle 
Born:   July 1997
Place:  Aldergrove, BC

Owner: Shirley Mc William - Unit 75
Sadly Truffle passed away in early Feb. 2011