Coventry Woods
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Name:  KT   -  short for Katie Thompson

Born:  February 3, 2003

Place:   Aldergrove, BC

Breed: 99% Maltese 1% Poodle
          Spayed Female  

Owner:  Joan & Stew Thompson - Unit 66
Stew tells us:  "She was born in Aldergrove - she was the runt of the litter.
We picked her out at 6 weeks old and got her at home when she was 8 weeks. Her name was to be Katie - because that was always a favorite of mine.

KT has lived at Coventry Woods since May 2006. She has lots of canine friends here, probably her closest is "Bobby" who she can identify merely from the sound of his footprints. She enjoys meeting everyone, even though her greetings entail a shrill bark which can become annoying after awhile. Anyway we do try to keep it in check."

KT  is pure white and always beautifully groomed - a real little charmer, made even more so by her little snaggle tooth. ;o)  It's hard to keep Bobby walking by the Thompsons when he can hear her calling to him from inside. It requires a little ..........dragging :o) 
Origin of the Breed:  Central Mediterranian Area

The Maltese is believed to be one of the oldest of the European Toy breeds. He is intelligent, affectionate, fearless and sweet-tempered. Known to be one of the most gentle mannered of the toy breeds, they are also very playful and energetic, making them wonderful companions and family dogs.
This page was last updated: March 30, 2014
On May1, 2013 the Thompsons moved to Port Moody and we sure miss them. Bobby stops and sniffs  around their front yard every day and wonders what happened to K.T. ??