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Name:  Lachie    (Lachlan)

Born: Oct. 10,  2013

Where: Maple Ridge                   
Arrived C.W.  Jan. 2015

Breed: Shiba Inu/Multibreed X 
Barbara &  Dave Semler
Unit 81
Lachie likes his sucker
This page was last updated: February 9, 2015
Lachie is just over a year old.  He loves to meet/greet people and other dogs.  He can be rambunctious and so may at times appear aggressive but he loves attention. 

Lachie’s father was a Shiba Inu  and his mother was a  multi breed.  Lachie may reach a weight of 24-pounds.

More to come.........
I love my Blankie!
  Getting in a few Zzzz"s