Coventry Woods
Pet  Gallery

Name:  Leo

Born:  March 18, 2009 

Breed:  Tabby Cat 

Owner: Wanda & John Robertson - Unit 64

My name is Leo and as you have probably noticed, I have a new friend Angel who is pretty cute (Mom & Dad said I have to say that). Angel likes to run around when she comes to visit and eat my crunchies so I put a laxative in the last batch (sorry Mags)!

I am 2.5 years old and so you know when to drop the gifts by, my birthday is March 18. I've included a couple of pictures, one when I was a baby (wasn't I cute!) and now that I am older, so handsome!! This is my most favorite spot in the house and I can get just close enough to really enjoy the warmth but not to singe my eyebrows! I love living in Coventry Woods because my Mom & Dad let me go outside but only on a leash.

I like to watch the birds in the backyard and today I saw a Woodpecker pecking in the grass for goodies. When he saw me,  he flew up into the tree and started chattering at me! It was soooo much fun, I  wanted to chase him but my leash only lets me get as far as the fence.  I have met a few people that I will tolerate so it's ok for you want to give me few pets when you see me , although I am known to be a bit picky on the friends I choose! :)

This page was last updated: June 13, 2013
The Robertson's moved out in November 2012.  We sure were sorry to see them go - and so we don't have Leo here anymore.