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Name:  Raelee

Born:   October 3, 2010 

Place:   Arlington, Wa.  

Breed:  Maltese

Owner: Joanne & Bob Vanderaegen unit  35
Raelee a purebred Maltese was born on October 03, 2010. Our daughter and son and their families decided that grandpa and grandma needed another new addition to the family. Raelee has dual Citizenship, born in the United States and now residing in Canada. Our daughter picked Raelee up from a farm in Arlington, WA (north of Everett) in December 2010 and brought the dog to Canada for Christmas.

Raelee loves to walk to Starbucks with Bob (dad) and will sit in a chair outside of the restaurant greeting people as they pass by. She loves to meet everyone (as long as they are not wearing dark clothing, sunglasses and ball caps at the same time). She has a soft spot for children and dogs, often stopping to visit.

                                                              Bob & Joanne Vanderaegen
Living the life of Raelee !
Where the heck did they put it?!
Raelee as a Puppy
Nap Time
On fire call with the Grandkids
         "Think I sorta dozed off"
Gotta keep your eye on the ball!
Meeting friends at Starbucks
Geez, all that walking - I'm pooped!
Cuddling with Grandson
The spot where I like to get my treats- and then a little ZZZzzzzz.
On the Road again.......
Jan. 28, 2012
This page was last updated: July 28, 2019
July, 2013  Raelee has taken up bicycle riding with Dad (Bob).  The seat is called a Buddyrider, and Raelee wears UV and wind protection 'Doggle' sunglasses. She loves the new seat :-)

She's a cool little Bikerchick!
Yep...We're off to Starbucks!
Beats walking, eh?!  ;o)