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This page was last updated: November 23, 2019
       Halloween Potluck
     Saturday, Oct.  26, 2019
I'm told that this is Ruth G......
.....and this is husband Ken G. protecting  Mary here.   Oooh!
Peter and wife Jenny
Thordis and husband Ken
Dick and wife Pam
Garry and wife Joanne
Stevie got creative and came as Maid Marion.
We had about 27-28 people and it lasted until 8:00PM!!!  The hors d'oevres were plentiful  and dinner was at 6:00PM.  As always the food was delicious.

Stevie made a lot of her costume, with some help with an old-fashioned dress. She said she was Maid Marion. 
Ruth portrayed the ghost and frightened everyone when she came in behind them. 

Now here's the strange story....Mary had to borrow a Toonie from Lorraine and bought a ticket for the 50-50.  Dave did the collecting and proceeded to look around the room for someone to draw the ticket.   "I know....Mary" - and so she dipped her hand into the bucket and picked her own ticket!!!  Hope she checked her Lottery Tickets also when she returned home!!
Susan & husband Darrren - Butterfly and Bumblebee.  Hmm- mixed marriage?
Mary and Lorraine
The food is always so good!
Joanne                                   Ken McR. Rock!
Fireside is Margaret & Dave, then Peter & Jenny.
Thordis - a Pumpkin Inspector and Maureen - a Ham Sandwich ;o)
Dave with Mary who won the 50/50 plus Lottery tickets
Susan showing her wings.
Ruth in # 50
Ruth in #50
Ken G.
Rick C.
Rick C.
Photos by
Kay Turner