Coventry Woods

              Updated November 29, 2012
1.       Use of  the Recreational Facilities 
          An owner shall comply strictly with these bylaws, and all other                        bylaws of the Strata Corporation, and with rules and regulations                      adopted from time to time. 

1.1     General

a)        Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the Clubhouse Property, which                includes the lounge, exercise room, pool table area, lobby and spa                    and exterior pool deck area.

b)        The following are in addition to the posted rules with regards to                        useage of the pool and spa:

     i.    Use of  glass containers in the pool area is prohibited, only plastic                    is allowed.
    ii.    All guests must be accompanied by the resident/owners. Four                          guests per owner at any time.
    iii.   All people using the pool must wear proper swimming attire, no                        clothes into the pool. All people MUST shower prior to entering                        the pool and/or the spa (the natural body oils can present problems                with the spa and pool and this is why it is required).

   ( iv and  v have been deleted at the AGM in 2010.)

    vi.    Although priority is to be given to adults (over 18) adult only                          swimming will be 12 noon - 2:00 PM and 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM.
    vii.   No children under the age of 3 years (or if not toilet trained) are                       allowed inthe pool or spa.
    viii.  No children under the age of 14 are allowed in the spa unless                           accompanied by an adult (over 18) and permission from the child's                   parents has been given. (Anyone under the age of 14 is not to stay                   in the spa for any longer than 10 minutes at a time, with another                     10 minutes out of the spa before re-entering. This is for the safety                    of the child.)
      ix.  No Pets, unless a seeing eye dog, are allowed in any of the                               recreation facilities.
      x.  Persons using pool furniture or pool equipment (such as foam                          tubes) will return them to their original location after use.

PLEASE NOTE:  All noise and talking are to be kept to a minimum in the early morning hours and later evening hours. This is in fairness to those living around the pool. Failure to be considerate will only cause the hours to be altered to later openings and earlier closings. Please be fair so that everyone may enjoy the times.
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