Coventry Woods
              November 27, 2002
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                     Unwritten Rules
These are verbal agreements made by council and owners over the years, which are basically common sense and  meant to keep our complex looking its best throughout the year.  

1.  Christmas  Lights
     Exterior lights may be strung in the last two weeks of November.  
     Lights may be turned on starting on December 1st and                       displayed until Jan 7.

     Note: Nobody is going to send out the Rule police if you turn              your lights on in the last week of November to display your                  handywork for all to enjoy.  We have some enthusiastic people in        our  complex who put up lovely displays and heaven forbid that we      should discourage them.

     All exterior Christmas lights should be removed by   Jan. 31st.                    
2.  Keeping side yards tidy

     If your Side yard is visible from the street, it should not be used          as a storage area for a hodgepodge of empty planters, wheel                barrows, gardening tools,  unused  items,  etc. Try to hide as               much as you can out of sight, e.g. the garage or out-of-view patio.       Tidy up please. It just looks very unsightly.

3.   Garbage and Garden clippings

      Garbage cans may be put out Monday evening. Pick up is
      every other Tuesday 7:00 AM - 6:00PM,  usually around 1:00 PM.       Except Christmas and New Years when it moves to Wednesday.           When cleaning out your gardens, keep the GARDEN WASTE can         or bags in your garage until Tuesday. Our Landscapers will  pick         it up  from your garage apron after Noon.              
4.   Our Recycling day is Wednesday except Stat holidays when it             moves to Thursday. Their schedule is a little varied, so get the             blue box and bags out by 9:00 AM.

5.    Our green Organics tubs are emptied every Wednesday.                      Place them on the garage apron with the handle in the upright          position before 7:00AM. That truck actually comes that early.
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