Coventry Woods
              November 27, 2002
1.2      Lounge and Exercise Facility

           a.   All users of the lounge, pool table area  and kitchen must clean                        after themselves.
           b.   All users of the equipment must have a towel and wipe down any                    equipment they use so that sweat is not allowed to dry on                                the equipment (this is a courtesy for the next user).
           c.   All users of the exercise equipment should familiarize themselves                    with the operation of the equipment prior to use. If you use the                        equipment without knowledge of it the strata cannot be held                            responsible for injury. Equipment should not be moved by the                        Owners under any circumstances. Any requests to have                                    equipment moved should be submitted to the Strata Council. This                  is for the safety and protectiom of the equipment in the exercise                      facility.
1.3           Lounge Hours               9 AM    to   9 PM   changed May 29, 2014
                Pool Hours                    9 AM    to   9 PM             ditto            
                Hot Tub & Exercise       9 AM    to   9 PM             ditto 

Adults Only (over 18) Pool Hours
Monday to Sunday                      12 PM    to   2 PM
                                      and          7 PM    to   9 PM  

                 Please note that reserve times are not permitted. Equipment is                        available on a 'first come, first serve basis'  Please be considerate                      of others waiting and limit your useage time to 20 minutes.  
                 Please note that the pool and/or spa may be closed down during                      the morning hours for cleaning and chlorine balance purposes.                        These may not be used while closed. If you use the pool prior to                      the cleaning and chemical balancing, usually early morning                            hours, strata wil not be responsible for any sickness or illness that                  may be resultant from using these facilities.
                 (Chemical balance is checked twice daily).

1.4       Pool Table  
                 Anyone using the pool table is asked to limit his or her time to 1                      hour. If any other owner comes in and marks their name and time                  on the chalkboard, they then have the right to return 1 hour from                  that time to play pool.  The existing players would have to move                        off the table, but could then enter their name and time to play 1                      hour later. Courtesy and common sense should prevail.
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